About Me

Hi I´m  Sebastian,

I´m a traveler that  is starting to  know this big world. It´s funny because  my work has no relationship with travels or tourism but meanwhile I discover new places it became one of my biggest pasions.

I discover that travel expands your knowledge and is the best way to discover the nice side of the humanity. I have known wonderful people  from many countries.

About LatitudeExplorer

Well I think is fair to tell you why i take that name for my blog. Latitude Explorer  is because I live in the latitude 0,0,0 in the exact center of the earth. A nice place to start in my opinion because is the very begining if you want to go up or down.

My city is Quito the capital city of Ecuador. My country is small but is nice, specially if you like nature, adventure and nice people.

Why ?

When I started traveling i found so many thing. Good things and obiously somethings that bothers me.

That way I started to write on trip advisor to give my opinion  if it was good or not.

Some times I have been so impresed and grateful  with a place so that became another way to say thanks to that people.

I create this blog to share with the world the wonders of my country and the wonders that I have discovered arround the world.

By now I only have travelled inside America but I am planing to go to other countries.

In a quick summary i hope you enjoy it and I spect sharing with you a lot and I encourage you to write me and to share.

I can´t wait to go to another adventure.